A logo is a very powerful visual asset for a business, which will be displayed on your product, website, printed brochures, car stickers or on other marketing materials. It will be one of the first things that your potential customers will see when they come across your business.


Creating a good logo is a difficult process as the designer has to do a lot of research, draw sketches and refine the logo until it is perfect. Of course you don’t want to spoil your potential client’s first impression of your company with an inadequate logo.  You can find out more about logo creation in my article about logo design process.


If when you start up your business, you don’t  have enough money to spend on a professional logo design, it can be very tempting to use the services of  free logo maker software to create your own logo. Sounds great, right? But think again, one of the first things I learned from my parents is that nothing is free.  Free logo maker software will cost you in the long run.


Almost all of these logo maker softwares or generators work the same way: select your industry, choose an icon or symbol, type your business name, select colour and ready. To create this logo is free, but if you want to have the vector file, you have to buy it. (You can read my previous post about the difference between raster and vector files.)


But let’s be honest, do you really want to have a logo with a clipart image which can be used by other business similar as yours? Don’t you want to be different and stand out from your competition? I am sure that your answer for the second question is yes, therefore I suggest avoiding the usage of these logo maker softwares as they will cause more harm to your business than good.


I made a little experiment with one of the logo maker generators to see what kind of logo they would suggest for my own brand – furrybirdworks.





To be honest I was not impressed with the result, what do you think, should I have used this logo maker software?!


To summarize, I have listed below the disadvantages of using  free logo maker software:


1. You have to pay if you want to receive the logo in vector format.
2. There will be no uniqueness and originality in your logo as it can be used by other similar businesses.
3. It is almost impossible to create a memorable brand as the symbols and icons are very generic.
4. There might be some copyright and trademark issues since the same symbol can be used by a different company.
5. There will be no research, analysis of the colours or fonts that will suit your brand.


Keep in mind these disadvantages when you consider creating your logo with free logo maker software. You could consider postponing creation of your business logo if you offer your services online and have only a website.


However, if a unique logo is a necessary part of establishing your business from the outset, a professional logo is a must. I can design you a unique logo and your brand identity which will ensure you stand out from the crowd, just check out my logo design and brand identity packages and ask for your custom quotation.



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