Before starting a website design project, whether you are using an agency or a freelance web designer, they will ask a lot of questions to be able to give you a proper estimate and to understand your business.  Most probably you will have to complete a detailed web design brief, so it is a good exercise for you to sit down and think about your small business and your goals.


There is no standard web design brief and it will vary from agency to agency, but there are questions which are likely to be present in all of them. If the person creating your website does not ask you to fill in such questionnaire, you can be proactive and provide this information beforehand.


So let’s have a look at the most important questions.


1. General questions
In the first section you will be asked to provide some general details about you and your company, such as your name, email, position, company name and website URL.


2. Project details
This part focuses on the project scope, such as the timeline, budget, web design work that has to be carried out, whether that be a complete website design and development, only web design or a theme customization.


3. Business
This section is tailored for you to provide as much information about your small business as possible. Questions will be asked about your product or service, your unique selling point, your company’s mission and vision, keywords that describe your company, its age and the number of employees.


4. Target audience
This is the shortest part of the brief, where you have to specify your target audience and provide their characteristics.


5. Competitors
Information about your competitors, including their website details.


6. Website related questions
These questions will give a clear direction for the web designer about your website.


a. Objectives – what do you want to achieve from the website and how do you expect your visitors to interact with it.

b. Website structure and content (including photography)
c. Functional requirements of the website – such as gallery, booking widget, Google maps, contact form, videos etc.
d. Web design related questions – do you have a logo, brand manual, website designs that you like, direction of the design.
e. SEO – keywords that your visitors will enter to find your website.
f. Technical questions – do you have a domain, hosting, preferred Content Management System (CMS)


There is quite a lot of information you will need to share with your designer, which enables the designer to better get a clearer picture of your business and design a website that fulfils all your needs. So before you start a web design project be prepared to provide the following: finished content, sitemap, photography, videos and all the necessary information about your business to complete the project.


Here is the questionnaire that I give to clients as preparation for each web design project.

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